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"rodger wilcox...over and out"

Posted by Bill Robinson on March 04, 2004

In Reply to: "Rodger wilcox...over and out" posted by James Briggs on March 04, 2004

There are two variations of "over and out".

In aviation, "over" signifies that the person speaking expects a reply and "out" meas that the speaker expects no reply. (There is a comic definition of "over and out" to mean "I am a student pilot and don't know if you are going to respond or not")

In ground communications, the term is often used to mean "I have finished my transmission and will be unable to resond to you (in the immediate future)" Thus, a police officer reporting by radio that he is leaving his vehicle to deal with a felon might use the phrase to indicate he was going off air temporarily.

Only aviators seem to get annoyed with people who use both terms in one phrase.