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"preening sophistication"?

Posted by ESC on March 27, 2004

In Reply to: "Preening sophistication"? posted by ESL on March 27, 2004

: Look into the middle of the passage... see 'In the two and a half years since 9/11...'?
: Could you explain the phrase 'preening sophistication' here?
: And could you rephrase what kind of VOICE it is at all? What is the attitude of the people in the article towards the war on terror, briefly?

: Thanks!

The writer is saying that right after 9/11 people had the right idea -- go kill the bastards. But, after some time passed, some people had second thoughts and began to doubt the wisdom of this war. We are too sophisticated to approved of something so primitive as war. And the writer thinks that line of thought will lead all of us down the path of destruction. Lambs to slaughter.