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Posted by James Briggs on February 22, 2004

In Reply to: Make posted by ESC on February 22, 2004

: : : Hi!

: : : An Englsih text book has a sentence below.

: : : "Mary will make John a fine wife."

: : : I think this is a strange sentence, but the book says it means 'Mary will be a fine wife to John.'

: : : I wonder if this sentence has such a meaning.

: : : Thanks for you answer.

: : : Tom
: : Yes, strange as it may seem, it is understood just that way.

: In West Virginia, we used "make" to mean "will become." "She's going to make a teacher." Meaning she is studying to be a teacher.

In the UK too. He's going to 'make the grade', means that he's expected attain that grade; become that grade or - become a fine wife.

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