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Suggestions for newbies

Posted by R. Berg on February 20, 2004

In Reply to: Suggestions for newbies posted by Old-timer on February 19, 2004

: When you click on a post, there's a form at the bottom. If you reply, please don't wipe out what has come before. Just add your comments at the bottom.

: Please don't cut in line. Add your comments to the last one in the thread. That way it's easier to read the combined wisdom of all the Phrase Folk.

: If someone has answered your inquiry, it's nice if you say "thank you" or otherwise indicate that you have returned and read the information.

All good ideas, but I want to add a qualification to "Please don't cut in line." Replying to a post that has a link or an illustration will remove the link or picture from the series of posts. People can still return to the previous post to find the link, but they might not all know that. Sometimes I put my comments earlier in the thread to preserve the accessibility of a link.