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Put yourself out

Posted by ESC on February 13, 2004

In Reply to: "Put out" posted by James Briggs on February 13, 2004

: : When my granny and mother were angry, they would say that they were "put out." "I am very put out with you right now!" I just used that expression and the class asked me what it meant and where it came from. I gave them the above explanation saying that I thought it was Irish or British. I then realized that another form of "to put out" means something entirely different here in the States. Any help here?
: : Thanks!

: Your UK and Irish use is certainly the only one I've ever heard or used here in the UK.
: However, it's quite possible to 'put out' the cat for the night! I guess you don't mean this use.

In West Virginia, we used "put out" to mean annoyed, etc. Also, it means "don't go to any trouble." You might tell a hostess, "Don't put yourself out on my account."