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Posted by Word Camel on February 12, 2004

In Reply to: Heteroflexible , et al posted by ESC on February 11, 2004

: : : : : : means a straight person with a gay mind set. I also came across the following terms in an article about names denoting homosexuality:"FTM" for female to male, "MTF" for male to female, "boydyke," "trannyboy, " "trannyfag," "multigendered," "polygendered," "queerboi," "transboi," "transguy," "transman," "half-dyke," "bi-dyke," "stud," "stem," "trisexual," "omnisexual," and "multisexual."

: : : : : : There are far too many terms to mention in a single post so I am enclosing the link.

: : : : : : Camelita

: : : : : All very well, but what IS a 'gay mind-set'?

: : : : : I mean being a sensitive guy who enjoys art, literature and cooking as well as going down the pub after the football - is that 'heteroflexible'?

: : : : : Understanding the needs of women to some degree and what tossers a lot of blokes are - is that enough?

: : : : : Is it having a mix of straight and gay heroes?
: : : : : (Churchill, Shearer, Leonardo da Vinci and Kenneth Williams - all vying to be top dog - leaving out the ambiguous Shakespeare entirely)

: : : : : Should we have labels anyhow?

: : : : : I did a psychological profile that showed that I was on the feminine side for a male mind-set and my wife was on the male side for a female. We were both within the curves for our gender - but it probably explains why she sits in front of the tv swearing when Newcastle miss a sitter and I'm cooking dinner before we both have a few beers then shag (without me having to beg!)! Compatibiity!

: : : : I just thought it was straight men who like show tunes. :)

: : : Carmelita must be putting us on. What men do you know who like musical comedies? Do you remember a posting about Neandersexual? "Why did Neanderthal men drag their women back to the cave by the hair? Because when you drag them by their ankles they fill up with dirt."

: : Well, there's Mickey Roonie but he's scary in his own right.

: : By the way, it's CAMELita, CARMELita is Word Carmel's nickname. :)

: From Word Spy for Feb. 11, 2004:

: heteroflexible (het.ur.oh.FLEKS.uh.bul) n.

: A heterosexual person who is open to relationships with people of the
: same sex. --adj. Also: hetero-flexible, heteroflex.
: --heteroflexibility n.

This definition sounds more likely than the one given in the article.