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Penny black

Posted by ESC on February 06, 2004

PENNY BLACK -- "SEATTLE (Reuters) - Microsoft Corp., (Nasdaq:MSFT - news) which has declared war on spam and those responsible for floods of unsolicited electronic mail, is aiming to raise the cost of spam for spammers with a new technology targeting the low barrier to sending mass messages.

Currently, it costs virtually the same amount to send one message as it does one million. In a research project called 'Penny Black' the world's largest software maker is looking at ways to make it difficult for spammers to spread offers for get-rich-quick schemes, porn and penis enlargement products.

The codename Penny Black is derived from an 1830s stamp used in Britain that reversed the cost of postage to the sender, rather than the original method of charging the letter recipient. From "Microsoft Project Aims to Make Spammers Pay for Spam," Feb 5, 2004, by Reed Stevenson. Yahoo! News.