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Pop is only for music & champers & grampers (made the last word up)

Posted by Lotg on February 04, 2004

In Reply to: The soft stuff or the hard stuff?? posted by Keith Pelton on February 03, 2004

: As far as I know it's called pop in England and Australia. However, I'm sure as in the US there are different names for it as it is here. I do know from traveling a lot and living on both coast that there are several names. New Englander's call it soda or tonic. A lot of people in the mid-west call it coke. Down south the call it pop and on the west coast, they call it just about every name there is. Only my observations from experience.

Have to disagree. Pop is not used in relation to soft drink in Australia. In the 60's & 70's it was used to describe contemporary music, it is used to describe the sound when you eject the cork from a champagne bottle (well it is if you do it badly like me), and it's used by some people to describe their grandfather, but it's never used to describe any form of drink, soft or otherwise.