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Get a cat.

Posted by Shkval on February 04, 2004

In Reply to: Get a cat. posted by ESC on February 03, 2004

: : One officer told another who looks very upset:

: Could we have more of the context?


Lt. Nixon: Hey Dick, wait up!

Lt. Winters: What?

Lt. Nixon: You know that map you found? It had every kraut gun in Normandy on it.

Lt. Winters: Oh, yeah?

Lt. Nixon: Yeah. Here. Don't ever get a cat. What's on your mind?

Lt. Winters: I lost a man today.

Lt. Nixon: Oh.

Lt. Winters: Hall. A John Hall, New Yorker. Got killed today at Brecourt.

Just before Nixon said "Yeah. Here" he also helped Winters to open a can with military food.
May be he refered to contents of the can? :)