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After the fact

Posted by Lapofthegoddess on March 01, 2004

In Reply to: Thanks Bob posted by Miri Barak on March 01, 2004

: : : : : : I hope this is my last one for this series:
: : : : : : Watering holes - refers to Pubs or Bars or both

: : : : : : and thanks of course.

: : : : : The police cars are standing near the pub and "waving the flag".
: : : : : Does it refer to the red light that's working, or is it methphorical and they mean:
: : : : : to make their presence felt, or so.
: : : : : And my thanks.

: : : : In nature, I would say that a water hole contains water. At a watering hole, wild animals can find water to drink. Similarly, people can get a drink at a watering hole - a bar, a hotel or in England, a pub or public house.

: : : : I assume the police are looking for "drunken drivers", drivers who have drunk too much alcochol. Many countries set a maximum level of alcohol in the bloodstream for drivers. I don't know which country you refer to, or how the police would stop an approaching car. I think that it probably means making their presence known. Good luck!

: : : By the way:
: : : The police cars are standing near the pub just to keep things in order and it is in winnipeg Canada. I wondered if "waving the flag" means - with their lights on, or just - being present.

: : : Thank you

: : Waving the flag (often "showing the flag") means making your presence felt by being visible. It's a bit like "gunboat diplomacy" where the prsence of the fleet is the message.

: Thank you - that's how I put it finally. (In Hebrew of course).

Your countries must be more conscientious about preventing accidents, or just more decent, cos here (in Aus), they tend to wait around the corner or hide behind a bush to pick you up once you've driven out of the pub. They don't tend to 'wave the flag' in advance.

Although, that's partly because of our constitution. They can't book you til you've actually committed the crime. Although it would be nice if they used the above suggested preventative measure instead of waiting til you've done it. Revenue collection is the common outcry.

A similar thing I think is a situation I face. As a retailer/restaurateur, if my staff spot someone dropping shelf items into their bag, my staff can NOT approach them about it until they've walked out the door. ie. It is not legally theft until it has actually left my premises. By which time another privacy rule cuts in that also pretty much prevents us from doing anything once they've left my premises.

Derr, I love these laws that protect us from the wrongdoers - err - except it seems to be the other way around.