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Some questions

Posted by Sphinx on February 28, 2004

In Reply to: Some questions posted by Fred on February 28, 2004

: : 1.What's the difference between:
: : That's it.
: : That's all.

: : 2.How to explain "in" here? Please give some other examples in which "in" has the same meaning and usage?

: : THe Afro-American need to remake their historical image so that it is known and accepted in its truthfulness by themselves and by the rest of the world.

: : 3.What does the idiom form the fable "The Crow and the Pitcher" mean (in plain English)?
: : "Little by little does the trick."

: : Thanks in advance!

: 1. None.
: 2. Change 'accepted in its truthfulness' to 'accepted as true.'
: 3. Some big problems are solved by repeatedly doing things that are not hard to do.

2.No exmaples?
3.What does "trick" mean?