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Pulling s h i t

Posted by Bob on January 13, 2004

In Reply to: Pulling s h i t posted by Muhammad Imran on January 13, 2004

: Could anyone translate these sentences in simple english for me.
: 1) What kind of s h i t are you trying to pull?
: 2) s h i t chicks pull."
: 3) I told you he pull some s h i t like this.
: 4) I never pull this s h i t

All four of these are related, and refer to behavior that is self-serving and mildly offensive. Rude. Thus:
1. What kind of deceitful, deceptive actions are you trying to sneak past me?
2. The deceptions women resort to.
3. I warned you he would attempt to behave this way.
4. I would never resort to this kind of behavior.