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Thanks and context: (please ignore my new message)

Posted by Miri Barak on January 13, 2004

In Reply to: Some obscure abbreviations posted by Smokey Stoaver on January 13, 2004

: : : : I have some abbreviations. The context is either grammer or Biblical only. I tried to look for clues or solutions but to no avail.
: : : : I will be very grateful to any answer.

: : : : ptc.
: : : : Vrss. rd.
: : : : inf. cstr. vb. I guess inf - is infinitive and vb. is verb. what is cstr.?

: : : : Thank you very much

: : : Yes, they do seem to be very obscure. I've checked several dictionaries and only 'inf = informal' matches any of your examples. 'Verb' is usually denoted as 'v,' so I don't think 'vb' = 'verb.' Could you provide some examples of the abbreviations in context?

: : A guess: I think they might relate to linguistics/grammar. In the "Dictionary of American Regional English," the list of abbreviations includes inf. = informant and constr(s) = construct(ed), construction(s), construed. I don't see the other abbreviations.

: I heartily agree with the motion for context. But lacking that, I'm all in favor of Very reverend sirs for Vrss.

First - I appreciate your courage in trying to help me.
I'll try to give some context which is a riddle in itself: the general subject is an analysis of psalm 131 which is constructed of 3 biblical sentences. and all the abbr. appear in the footnotes. so here we go:
I ommit the Hebrew words of course.
All Vrss. rd. weaned in first clause, but (Hebrew verb)inf. cstr. vb. as ; prob. we shold think of .
He is talking about a word Ligmol which can have two meanings in Hebrew: 1 - is to wean, 2 - to requite.

and thanks again.

could vrss. be verses?