SS, some late questions

Posted by Sphinx on January 12, 2004

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: : Thanks for you excellent explanation for 'Rain Music', but some little text questions:

: : She apares herself the risk of the great unknown.
: : (apare?)

: : She immediately does the calculus.
: : (Do you mean she immediately considered that conundrum?)

: Sphinx, I must apologize for my carelessness. I make a lot of typographical errors (typos for short) that go uncorrected until too late. Naturally I meant SPARE, not apare (which is not a word in any language with which I am familiar). As for doing the calculus, I really mean that she calculated the cost to herself of continuing her relationship with David. The better word would have been calculation, not calculus, which is a branch of mathematics. This story may be pure fiction, but it nonetheless rings true. If there was a real Linh, she either did not confide the full extent of her relationship with David to her sister, or her loyal little sister (the narrator) discreetly chose not to reveal it. What we can easily deduce is that a continued relationship with David holds significant dangers for Linh, embarking on the great unknown being the least of them. Mature as she may be in other ways, she is not ready emotionally for what is sometimes called an adult relationship--at least not with David. SS

Sorry, but I really don't mean to trouble you again...
1.What do you mean by saying "embarking on the great unknown being the least of them."?

2."I kept thinking of his hands and fingers, seeing them fly over the ivory keys like Russian men dancing in their black fur hats..."
("Russian men dancing in their black fur hats", where did this figure of speech come from?)

3.What are "reflecting pools"?
And "water dishes"?

And in "the flashing water of the stream", which part of speech does "flashing" belong to? What does it mean?

4."'But how do you feel about Thanh? How does he make you feel?'"
(This question seems unnecessary to me!
Since Linh's said "I love Thanh." previously, why does the author ask that?)

Still appreciate all your help!