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Another joke

Posted by ESC on January 11, 2004

In Reply to: Another joke posted by The Unknown Comic on January 09, 2004

: : : What does the title mean?
: : : And what is the humorous point?

: : : Thanks!

: : My office used to get a Japanese publication that had jokes in the back. The jokes had the rhythm of American jokes but weren't funny. They were pseudo-jokes. From that I came to the conclusion that American humor doesn't translate into Japanese.

: : The title misses the point. The joke wasn't that the boss couldn't get an adult to come to the phone and therefore had to talk to a child. The joke was that the child was hiding and watching all the excitement as his parents and the police tried to find him. At least, I think that's the joke.

: I laughed. It was the surprise element that the kid was hiding. Cute.

: The title makes no sense in relation to the joke though.

The joke was funny. But the title leads me to believe the editor didn't understand it.