' 2 buck Chuck'

Posted by Ward Fredericks on January 08, 2004

One of the consequences of a wine grape glut in California is a wine being sold in an eclectic chain calld Trader Joes. The wine is called, affectionately, '2 buck Chuck.' The brand name is Charles Shaw, and the bottle sells in California for US $ 1.99, and includes a proper bottle, cork, and comes in sereral grape varieties. In the rest of the country it sells for $ 2.99 a bottle, and is an overnight sensation. Outside of California it's called '3 buck Chuck'.
Those of us who have traveled the vinyards of Europe, and talk knowledgeably about wines hide our faces as we go into the store to buy cases of this stuff.
It's not a bad wine, and is actually quite pleasant in a rather undistinguished way. There were rumors when it first went up for sale that it was available because of the impending bankruptcy of United Airlines, but that event has come and gone and '2 buck Chuck' is still in plentiful supply.
With the worldwide glut in wine grapes, are there any other reasonably good and very inexpensive wines being sold around the world? Australia must have one or two.