Rain Music

Posted by Sphinx on December 31, 2003

Hi folks,
Here is a piece of reading material for you to help me with. As New Year is around the corner and the task is a bit too huge, you may well not hurry in working them out.
I'll sincerely appreciate any help you come up with!

Here are the difficult sentences I'm confused with:
1.She is the red rose of the family and I am the green thorn.
(Why she say so?
How would you describe the relationship between the two sisters?)

2.There is something about it, a wistful, dandelion, orchidlike kind of beauty that feels like notes in a chord being played separately, finger by finger, harmonizing back and forth.
(What kind of "beauty" it is when it is connected with dandelion and orchid?)

3.It always felt like cool satin when I yanked it, her head jerking backward, mimicking the motion of my arm.
(Could you explain Linh's actions in plain English? Jerking? Mimicking?)

4....his breath whistles through the evenness of his teeth as the cover grazes the dark honey of his skin.
(What does the "cover" refer to here?
And could you explain "dark honey"? What about honey-color skin?)

5...I want to spend quality time with you, my darling sister. Get up, you piece of mutton.
(Quality time?
and what does "you piece of mutton" mean?)

6."...He can't give me anything, just himself. And he doesn't even know that I'm using him. Damn it!..."
(Why Linh was "using him"?)

7."He's so perfect for me, just perfect. It's like he stepped out of my story and came to life. We speak the same language and share the same past. Everything. "
(How to explain "It's like he stepped out of my story and came to life."?
Does Linh really love Thanh? )

7."...And Mom and Dad, they've done so much for us. Now they think they've won the lottery from God for being good all their life."
(What was Mom and Dad's attitude towards Linh's marriage according to this sentence? Who the chose should be Linh's husband?)

8.What is Rain music? What is significant about the use of rain in the title, as well as at the end of the story?

MAny thanks!

BTW, now another year is coming near, and I'd say to all your kind folks here that, I've really learned a awful lot in English language on this forum since I struck this gold mine! Thank you for your help! I wish I'd continue to have the pleasure of enjoying your generous help here next year!

May your New Year begin with joy!