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The First Noel lyric question...

Posted by Henry on December 23, 2003

In Reply to: The First Noel lyric question... posted by ESC on December 23, 2003

: : This has always bothered me a bit...

: : "The first Noel, The angels did say
: : was to certain poor shepherds,
: : in fields as they lay..."

: : Does this mean 'certain shepherds' as opposed to certain *other* shepherds? Is is an archaic verb? Is is just the way lyrics are sometimes?

: : This has been preying on my mind for decades. Some times I wake up and night and wonder. Many thanks in advance for any insights.

: : Camelita
: : Who clearly needs a new hobby

: I do not know. I imagine the songwriter just threw in "certain" to make it sound right.

It means one particular group of shepherds. But it's just a poetic device rather than a statement of any deep significance.