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A sarcastic joke

Posted by ESC on February 01, 2004

In Reply to: A sarcastic joke posted by sphinx on February 01, 2004

: The UN planned to hold a worldwide composition competition for youth. The topic was set as
: 'Please write an essay on the food shortage problem in Africa in your own view.'
: But the topic turned out to so difficult to understand for the children competitors that the competition had be to canceled at last. Why? - because European children didn't know the word 'shortage' in the topic, African children didn't know what is 'food', Chinese children didn know what is one's "own view", and American children thought America is the world and didn't know where Africa is. ...
: What about your country?

: And would you explain the following cartoon?

Americans do know and care about what's happening in Africa.

My little American daughter especially was/is aware of Africa and the food shortage. As soon as she was old enough to address an envelope and ask me for a stamp, she was stuffing dollars from her allowance into envelopes and mailing them to various charities. When I found out what she was doing, we checked out the charities and helped her get money orders. Also, we support an African child through Christian Children's Fund.

As far as other American children, they watch a lot of TV. So with all the ads for charities, I'm sure they are aware.

The cartoon. The yarn is saying that he wants to be in the world's biggest sweater and Garfield's butt is so big that it would take the biggest to cover it.