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French idiom

Posted by Bruce Kahl on November 25, 2003

In Reply to: French idiom posted by feep on November 25, 2003

: can anyone tell me what "J'ai failli me noyer" means? I don't know whether it translates literally as an idiomatic expression or not. thanks!

words and music by Z. Richard
Ed Du Marais Bouleur BMI

Frais vires de Baton Rouge,
(Just arrived from Baton Rouge)
Au milieu de la nuit.
(In the middle of the night)
Je revais qu'on faisait l'amour,
(I dreamed that we were making love)
J'ai bondit de mon lit.
(I jumped out of my bed)
Ca mouillait depuis quarante jours,
(It was raining for forty days)
J'ai failli me noyer,
(I almost drowned)
Nageant dans cet ocean,
(Swimming in that ocean)
Avec des vagues d'acier.
(With waves of steel)
J'arrive pas (a') m'en sortir,
(I cannot get out of it)
Depuis qu'je t'ai quitter.
(Since I left you)
Ouais, je suis toujour en amour,
(Yes, I'm still in love)
J'peux pas m'empecher.
(I can't help it)