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Mind your P's and B's

Posted by Anders on November 19, 2003

In Reply to: "Off with his mouth !" posted by Anders on November 19, 2003

: : Again the French guy.
: : If you could check this specific Garfield comics page :

: :

: : and tell me what is meant in the last box "OFF WITH HIS MOUTH", I would appreciate. Thanks to everybody.

: Hello Michael
: It's playing on the expression "Off with his head!" which means literally what it says. I would imagine Garfield has associated from "All hail his highness Prince Fat Slop" to the French revolution, during which beheading was in vogue. Garfield is bothered by what Harold(?) says, and ridding him of his mouth is sufficient to put an end to it. He can keep his head; there's no need to go to extremes.
: Anders

Slob, not slop. Sloppy spelling, eh?