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"Still speak to me *of me and mine*"

Posted by ESC on November 15, 2003

In Reply to: "Still speak to me *of me and mine*" posted by HEDGE on November 15, 2003

: Alfred Tennyson used this phrase in his 'In Memoriam' [116], referring to his dead friend's voice:
: ...
: Not all regret: the face will shine
: Upon me, while I muse alone;
: And that dear voice, I once have known,
: Still speak to me **of me and mine**:
: ...

: And these are my questions:

: 1) Does this always mean 'me and my family'?
: Could 'mine' also mean other people or things which the speaker cares about?

: 2) What is the origin of "me and mine"?

: 3) What did Tennyson have in mind when he wrote "me and mine"?

: Thanks,


Sorry. I don't know. This might help.

The In Memoriam Web is a stand-alone hypertext environment, not to be confused with the World-Wide Web. It provides readers with the full text of Tennyson's poem, annotated with hypertext links to commentary and broader information about the literary and cultural contexts of the work.