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No rest for the wicked

Posted by Anders on November 14, 2003

In Reply to: No rest for the wicked posted by d. macala on November 14, 2003

: I have many times heard this phrase as "no rest for the weary", which, to me, seems completely out of the spirit of the original.

: has anyone else noticed this? if so, how did a biblical reference become so turned around?

: just curious - thought this would be the best place to find the answer.

: dave

I must admit I've never come accross the expression "no rest for the weary," but obviously it's just an amusing and ironical play on the original "no rest for the wicked." Motörhead's "No Sleep Till Hammersmith" is yet another derivative, which, however, remains faithful to the meaning of the original - the implication being that Motörhead are wicked rather than weary. Speaking of "wicked," cf. the sense in which it means good/great etc., just as "bad" may be high praise indeed.