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Posted by No Neck Joe on December 15, 2003

In Reply to: Rednecks & Westies posted by Lotg on December 12, 2003

: Is that similar to a Redneck?

The way I understand how the term redneck came about ... In the 1960's, hippies had long hair, thus their necks were white compared to the squares who had short hair and would make fun of the hippies. Those with short hair had red, sun burnt necks, while the hippies did not because their necks were protected from the sun.

Redneck was originally a hippie term for anyone with short hair who was intolerant enough to call them a hippie, hippies would call them Redneck back.

The phrase probably transfered to mean a white trash southerner, 'cause American Southerners are more known to be conservative and intolerant of anyone different from them; like a hippie would be.