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Posted by Lewis on December 12, 2003

In Reply to: Southern Engineered posted by gifron on December 12, 2003

: I posted a message on another board, saying that a friend had "southern engineered" something. I know what the term means to me, as I grew up using it. I received a follow-up from someone who was offended that I had used the term, and who said that it was a racial slur. Yes, I am familiar with the similar term "n*****-rigged," and I know these terms can often, though not always, be used interchangeably. Nevertheless, I have never heard "southern engineered" used in any racial context. Did this term originate as a racial slam, as I've been told, or not? Please mail me at [gifron at aol dot com].

In England, maritime nation that we were, we use 'jury-rigged' to mean a makeshift repair which I understand comes from a temporary mast
- we also use 'Jerry-built' when saying that something is not well-constructed. I would guess that '[word removed in order to comply with Google's Publisher Policy]-rigged' is doubly offensive - either it is implied that blacks cannot put something together properly or there might be an implied reference to lynchings - something not well strung up. "Rigged" does imply the use of rope...

'Southern engineered' sounds hardly worse than 'reckneck made'. Rednecks are hardly thought to be the academic or engineering cream of America.