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:Anybody to help me out ? (continued)

Posted by Michael on November 13, 2003

In Reply to: :Anybody to help me out ? (continued) posted by Lewis on November 13, 2003

: to quote Meatloaf "You took the words right out of my mouth..."

: It was 1998 when I last visited Paris but hopefully my placename memory is OK.

: I was going to recommend PSG for finding the book in Paris. Start at Deux Magots with a leisurely coffee and wander down the Boulevard? S-G towards the bridge by Notre Dame. When you hit Odeon (I think) just perambulate and work your way to St. Michel.
: Also - I recall a second-hand bookshop with US imports in Rue de Monsieur de la Prince (end nearest the metro) - street runs parallel with B. St Michel (the one with the Sorbonne on it) - anyway, it's near an Alsace restaurant and there seemed to be medical supplies around there somewhere.

: I was only there about 2-3 days, but the Rive Gauche was much friendlier than I had expected of Paris, so I didn't need to block out the memory.

Yesssss !

The English second hand bookshop on Monsieur-le-Prince street is named San Francisco Book Company, that's the one I meant in my previous post, and I highly recommend it. It's as well a nice place to have a little chat with Jim (the American guy working there at this time). I'm going to check out the other place you referred to.
Paris is OK if you hang where night life, youngsters and students are. Saint-Germain is one of these places.
But for myself, I am working hard finding ways to get out of here ASAP to return to an English spoken Country...