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Another thought

Posted by Word Camel on December 11, 2003

In Reply to: Another thought posted by pdianek on December 11, 2003

: : : : : : : how to pronoun ANNETTE

: : : : : : Not sure where you're from, but if you leave off the last 'e', that's exactly how you pronounce it - ie. "Annett". It's a french thing - do you agree MichaelFR?

: : : : : : I'd also venture to add that the question you should have asked was 'how do you "pronounce" Annette'. You omitted the 'ce' on the end of 'pronounce'. But that also could have been a typo? Where do you come from, what is your native language?

: : : : : If we accept that the intended word was 'ANNETTE' and that the question was "what is the impersonal pronoun?" - as in snow and snowing - then I have to say I don't know of one. It would be bizarre to ask how to pronounce Annette but I'll try; 'a - net' There, that's my best shot.

: : : :
: : : : Good thought Harold. Didn't consider the pronoun angle. OK, well now I'm confused. Deepi, what exactly are you asking here?

: : :
: : : How do you pronoun a net?

: : : Do me a favour guvnor...

: : : "Annette" is an elongated Gallic diminuative 'Ann' - could have used 4 letters "A-net", but oh no - had to use 7. Entirely typical of those inefficient latin types used to wasting European budgetary resources. If they had been 'prudent' in their spelling, Gordon Brown could have saved them enough letters to write "WMD", which his ami Tony (see - saved 2 or 3 letters from "Antony"/"Anthony") would like to have found.

: : : If the French were not so wasteful, we'd have found WMD by now.

: :
: : Oh Lewis you crack me up. It's because the French are so wasteful (read poetic) that they probably score more often than the rest of the Western world (or supposedly anyway). Where's the romance in WMD????

: How to pronounce Annette: if the woman named is Anglo, pronounced "a - NET", last syllable stressed, first syllable a short A as in "hat"; if Annette is French, it's "ah - NET", same stress on last syllable, but the first syllable is a more open A, and shorter, the "ah" said quickly.

: Good luck, deepi!

Could the answer be 'she'? Annette is a female name so it would use the feminine pronoun, 'she'. I find non-native English speakers often have trouble with the gender of pronouns because it isn't always clear whether the name referred to is masculine or feminine.