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Posted by Smokey Stover on December 09, 2003

In Reply to: Sorry posted by ESC on December 09, 2003

: : hi,
: : need to know the meaning to the following phrases, could you give examples?..Thank you.

: : 1.The Orwellian qualities.

: : 2.en masse.

: : 3.witch-hunt.

: : shore up its position.

: : 5.veggie libel.

: : 6.clean-cut couple.

: : 7.her biggest hold on fame.

: : 8.has come full circle.

: : 9.trail-blazing female.

: : 10.lurch into

: : 11.booby-traped assignment.

: : 12.spelled out red lines.

: : 13.trotted out some cold war rhetoric.

: : don't poke a lion.

: : 15.calling the shots in the current crises.

: : fend off someone.

: : 17.grinding down his economy.

: : worked the phones.

: : facto

: : gobble something up and move on

: Nope, I can't help you this time. Maybe someone else can. I am still waiting for some acknowledgement from you for the last time you asked for help. Several people, including me, gave you information on 147 phrases. Never heard a word from you.

Kathaab, I would be glad to help, but my band-aids would not solve the basic problem, nor could the combined efforts of the Phrase Finder gang. You obviously are not a native English-speaker, and you need a strategy for extending your knowledge of the language. Many of the words and phrases you have asked about are easily available in almost any dictionary. You need, besides a good dictionary, an immersion program in English, or any course at all in English literature that has a professor willing to explain allusions, or even a reading program in English literature just for yourself. English isn't easy, but it's not that hard, either. Keep in touch. SS