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:Anybody to help me out ? (continued)

Posted by Lewis on November 13, 2003

In Reply to: :Anybody to help me out ? (continued) posted by Michael on November 12, 2003

: : I appreciate hearing back from people who have posted inquiries.

: : My former boss was from Iraq. One day he asked me what an expressionin a headline meant (Problems dog agency) and said he was still trying to learn the language after 30+ years in the U.S. I got him a copy of "Hog on Ice" by Charles Earle Funk and one for myself. That, and the realization that not everyone was familiar with the country sayings I grew up with, was the beginning of my obsession with phrases.

: I think it's just normal to say thanks, you've been of really great help.
: I have been surfing quite a while on the Net, the best dictionnary online that I found was the Merriam-Webster. For phrases and sayings, I will stay with this forum. For slang I didn't get much, but enough to survive though, and for translation to French from US English, it's just "forget about it !".
: Sooooooo, reading you, I guess the next thing to do will be to get "Hog on Ice"! In Paris it might be quite a challenge, but we never know ! I shop a Saint-Germain-des-Prés little English bookstore jam-packed from the floor to the ceiling with second hand books, they may have that.
: Talk to you later, thanks again,
: Michael

to quote Meatloaf "You took the words right out of my mouth..."

It was 1998 when I last visited Paris but hopefully my placename memory is OK.

I was going to recommend PSG for finding the book in Paris. Start at Deux Magots with a leisurely coffee and wander down the Boulevard? S-G towards the bridge by Notre Dame. When you hit Odeon (I think) just perambulate and work your way to St. Michel.
Also - I recall a second-hand bookshop with US imports in Rue de Monsieur de la Prince (end nearest the metro) - street runs parallel with B. St Michel (the one with the Sorbonne on it) - anyway, it's near an Alsace restaurant and there seemed to be medical supplies around there somewhere.

I was only there about 2-3 days, but the Rive Gauche was much friendlier than I had expected of Paris, so I didn't need to block out the memory.