Idiomatic expressions

Posted by ESC on November 04, 2003

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: : : 1. Do you keep the dog in the kitchen or does
: : : he have the run of the house? Is he restricted to
: : : one area or can he go everywhere? Merriam
: : : Webster online: RUN 2 a : to go without
: : : restraint : move freely about at will. Let chickens
: : : run loose.

: !!!
: Thanks a lot - I've completely missed that out.
: so, "we're to give him the run of the farm"="we're to allow him to move freely at our facility"

: : : 2 : a house or apartment open for inspection
: : : especially by prospective buyers or tenants

: Yep.

: And the next one - Anderton has a conversation with a drug dealer in order to acquire some stuff:

: "- Don't bust my balls. You've only given me four, and some of these are duds."

: "Don't bust my balls"="don't spoil my pleasure"?

Balls refers to testicles. But you probably knew that. It's not about pleasure -- it's more about status. I would say that busting someone's balls is to humiliate the person, take away his or her power or standing. Emasculate him (or her). Anyone have a better explanation?