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Spelled 'truffle', btw

Posted by Lotg on October 29, 2003

In Reply to: Spelled 'truffle', btw posted by GPP on October 29, 2003

: : : : : When an outstanding performance comes from an unexpected source, this expression often is the explanation. In the States it is used to provide perspective to evaluate an individuals' activity so that the listener does not expect a repeat or for that level of performance to be the norm.

: : : : Appalachian version: Even a blind hog finds an acorn every once in a while.

: : : The blind hog version makes more sense to me. The expression that uses 'even' a pig, implies that it would be quite a feat for a pig to find a truffle, but as pdianek quite rightly says, it's no feat at all. That's what pigs are for. So I'm a little confused as to how this saying has come about.

: : In both cases, used as irony. A blind hog is under no handicap for sniffing out acorns.

: : I guess you haven't had a go yet at following up on my invitation.

: For a brief discussion of truffle-hunting, see

No GPP, I waste too much time checking out this website - he he.