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What do kids read now?

Posted by GPP on October 26, 2003

In Reply to: What do kids read now? posted by Lotg on October 25, 2003

: When I was doing my senior years in High School, it was the 70's and so everything was questioned, analysed, protested against, etc.

: The books we had to read for school included: Brave New World, Of Mice & Men, Animal Farm, 1984, Caligula, Catch 22, Clockwork Orange (although, as you know I caught glimpses of the movie, but never got around to reading that one - but will very soon), and more. These books were pretty deep stuff, and frankly I believe a couple of them should be called 'true stories' cos I can tell you that when I look around me at some of the places I work, Orwell and Huxley knew exactly what was coming.

: Anyway, we used to stand for a lot of things, stand up for, stand against, question everything, know everything of course, basically we had big mouths, although what we stood for and what we understood, were very separate matters. So books like these seemed very appropriate to the way our minds were working at the time.

: So what do kids in senior years have to read now? Books like that would have to be hard to beat wouldn't they?

: This is a genuine question, not a social comment. I really don't know the answer because I don't have any teenage kids.

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