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Medical Certificate??????

Posted by Shae on October 19, 2003

In Reply to: Medical Certificate?????? posted by Lotg on October 19, 2003

: : Further down, Christopher Moran asked a complicated question that included use of the word 'aegrotat'. What does this mean? My searches reveal that it appears to be an Academic award perhaps for a course that you may not even have completed. Although my search results have been inconsistent. Some say incompletion due to illness. Others are more general.

: : Does anyone know the precise meaning and what kind of word this is. Is it derived from a combination of words, some ancient base, someone's name??? Any clues?

: :: Further searches reveal that it's a medical certificate??? OK, I need enlightened assistance.

It does seem to have something to do with illness and healing. L*tin words beginning with 'aeg,' mean sickness, e.g.'aeger' = sick, infirm, sad, sorrowful, painful. So, I'm guessing that aegrotat is a person who is qualified to address those symptoms.