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Inflated sense of importance

Posted by Henry on November 10, 2003

In Reply to: Horse play posted by ESC on November 09, 2003

: : Anthony Quinn in the Independent wasn't impressed by the film about the racehorse Seabiscuit. He concluded his review - "Should you chance it for a night out? Neigh, neigh, and thrice neigh."

: I'll probably view it on video at some point. Part of Seabiscuit was filmed in my area and some people I work with were extras. They spent all day in the cold seated next to inflated dummies just for the glory of being a speck in a movie.

Inflated dummies are now regarded as high art in Britain. A bronze statue of two inflated sex dolls is an entry for the Turner Prize. There would be more reward in staring at a wall where a Turner painting once hung than in looking at these dolls.

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