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Again on grandma

Posted by ESC on November 09, 2003

In Reply to: Again on grandma posted by sphinx on November 09, 2003

: my questions are inserted between the lines:

: My 'cute' grandma was leaning back with legs dangling off the bench. By contrast, I was sitting Indian style(No.1, Indian?) on the bench, weaing old cutoff jeans and a white tank top (2.tank top?).
: ...I saw a meticulously dressed man ,wearing pressed ( is pressed?) white slacks and a matching dress shirt (4.What is a dress shirt?) and with almost 'plastic' (5.plastic?) hair.

Sitting Indian style. Let me see if I can describe this. Have you ever watched an old cowboy and Indian movie? Male Indians sit on the ground with their legs bent at the knee and open, crossed at the ankles.

Tank top -- article of clothing, sleeve-less and rounded scoop-neck.

Slacks pressed with an iron. Wrinkle-free, crisp creases.

Dress shirt -- white or blue, usually. The type of shirt a man wears with a suit to work.

Plastic hair -- Slicked down with gel or spray to the point that the hair is shiny and doesn't move. Looks plastic like Ken (of Barbie fame) hair.

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