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Posted by R. Berg on October 05, 2003

In Reply to: What kind of homework is this supposed to be? posted by GPP on October 05, 2003

: : : : : Our daughter has come home from school with a list of 60 proverbs that have been abbreviated by their first letter eg A.M.T.H.G.F - ABSENCE MAKES THE HEART GROW FONDER. Can anyone help with the 6 that we can't do? They are driving us mad with frustration!
: : : : : I.L.F.A.D.H
: : : : : S.O.O.A.H.A.D.O.T.O
: : : : : A.B.A.T.A.O.S
: : : : : I.L.L.T.S.D.W.T.H.H.B
: : : : : C.S.B.T.A.G
: : : : : T.C.B.T.S

: : : : : Thank you for your time.

: : : : I've been paging through books of proverbs with no luck so far. My sympathies.

: : : Was the assignment given to the students or to the parents?

: :
: : ::: Don't knock parent participation. There isn't enough of it. Are you seriously saying you never received help from your parents? Sad if it's so.

: I don't knock parental participation at all; but is this homework, or a game? I can't imagine what grade level an assignment like this might be for, or for what subject. There were 60 of them??

Participation, encouragement, supplying resources, fine. Doing the child's assignment, not fine, assuming it's the kind of homework that the student is expected to do for herself, in order to learn something. Maybe the list of sayings was handed out as something interesting to play with, a set of brain teasers. I balk at "earning" a grade for someone else's work.

Like GPP, I never had exercises of this kind in school. I probably would have enjoyed them.