Chop-a-nose day??

Posted by Bruce Kahl on September 30, 2003

In Reply to: Chop-a-nose day?? posted by ESC on September 29, 2003

: Someone asked me:

: "There is a Mother Goose rhyme that reads:

: My mother, and your mother,
: Went over the way;
: Said my mother, to your mother,
: 'It's chop-a-nose day.'

: Perhaps you can answer this: Whatever is 'chop-a-nose day?' I think it has to do with satisfying one's curiosity, but that's just a guess."

You grab a kid's nose with your thumb and chop off his nose with your other hand--my always falling down Uncle Dave used to do this all the time.
He would come over and say "Today is chop a nose day" causing me and my brothers to run and hide.