God & the devil

Posted by Word Camel on September 16, 2003

In Reply to: God & the devil posted by joan on September 16, 2003

: Is there some kind of relation between the word or mantra "sa ta na ma" & "sa tan" you can join the syllables together if you wish.they are very similar in spelling-the first one is positive supposedly.If it helps I know the negative power likes to twist things around to confuse-turn things upside down-to shroud in mystery the truth.

On first glance, in answer to your question I'd say no more than rearranging the word "dog" or "santa" has any theological significance. Having said this if we knew what language the mantra or chant came from and its meaning I suppose it is possible that it might share the same root as the word 'satan'. My instinct though is that you may just be letting your imagination run away with you.