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Shrug one's shoulders

Posted by ESC on September 16, 2003

In Reply to: Shrug one's shoulders posted by doc on September 16, 2003

: : : : my teacher told me this motion means one doesn't understand or is not bothered.

: : : : what does "bother" in "I'm not bothered" mean?

: : : It means "upset," "disturb," "distress." To be not bothered is to be indifferent, to not care.

: : : Isn't your teacher willing to answer questions of that kind?

: : Go to Merriam-Webster online at It has entries for both "shrug" and "bother."

: I find the reference to to be appropriate but, unless you know more than we do, suggesting someone ask their teacher could be quite correct OR ridiculous. Teachers are quite a mixed bag in the US ranging from the very good to ignorant hazards (when avaible).

I know what you mean. But I must give testimony --my children went to public schools (state-funded rather than private) in Kentucky and the teachers were excellent. Maybe we were just lucky. The principals in elementary school and high school were OK. The middle school principal was a disaster.