Rejuveniles - along the same lines as 'quarterlifers'

Posted by Word Camel on September 02, 2003

Rejuveniles - adults who want to keep communing with their inner children ad nauseaum.

Found in the New York Times, Sunday 31 August from an article entitled: "I Don't Want to Grow Up" by Christopher Noxon.

"From childless fans of kiddie music to the grown-up readers of "Harry Potter," inner children are having fun all over. Whether they are buying cars marketed to consumers half their age, dressing in baby-doll fashions or bonding over games like Twister and kickball, a new breed of quasi adult is co-opting the culture of children as never before. Most have busy lives with adult responsibilities, respectable jobs and children of their own. They are not stunted adolescents. They are something else: grown-ups who cultivate juvenile tastes in products and entertainment. Call them rejuveniles."