Talk Like a Pirate Day -- Sept. 19

Posted by A Pirate translator guy on September 16, 2003

In Reply to: Talk Like a Pirate Day -- Sept. 19 posted by Lewis on September 12, 2003

: : piratehome.html

: I went to the site and put a sentence or two in the "translator" - all it did was to replace final g's with apostrophes. Bit of a disappointment.

Avast! matey, what do you suggest? It's difficult to find good words for pirate speak. there are many words in the pirate's lexicon in the translator program, you might just have to type around. arrr, it's a work in progress... feel free to e-mail me any ideas you have.

: Don't bother talking like a pirate that way - so far as I understand it, most pirates speak various dialects of Chinese, so I suggest learn Mandarin. (Piracy is more common in the waters of the Far East than elsewhere.)

Arrr, you be too serious. The common notion of piracy is the mythos put forth by disney had a small handfull of books. Modern day piracy is in the south china sea, methinks, so if ye want to be a modern day pirate, learning chinese would be a start (as you so kindly suggested).