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But the full story has 1,100 words; I have to give up

Posted by Sphinx on September 14, 2003

In Reply to: Again: cut and apple posted by GPP on September 14, 2003

: : : If you have got the book "The Multicultural Workshop" by Linda London Blanton & Linda Lee (published by Heinle & Heinle Publishers), you can see the article "A Lucky Traffic Light" inside by Irving Stern, in which my "cut" and "apple" questions come out of.

: : :
: : : So does "cut" mean "get 100 in that new job"?
: : : Who is called an apple?

: : Sorry, sphinx, I don't have the book. Concerning "cut", were you quoting directly from the "Lucky Traffic Light" story, or paraphrasing? The word didn't make sense to me in the context you gave; can you quote a few sentences directly? (I don't recall your "apple" question--what was the date?)

: I found it--Sept 7, "some phrases":
: "6.What kind of person could be called as an apple?"

: No idea, again. Quote something that gives context.