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Sex vs gender

Posted by Pdianek on September 14, 2003

In Reply to: Sex vs gender posted by GPP on September 10, 2003

Surely it's rather more to do with the influence (at least in the US) the homosexual lobby has had, wherein "gender" is considered to be rather fluid. That is, a man dressed as a woman will say he is of the female gender. Confused? You should be. An odd neighbor last year had mutilating surgery to make himself look female -- but, in answer to my children's questions, I pointed out that if aliens ever came down and pondered, "Hmm, man or woman?", all they'd have to do would be take one cell of his body and look for the Y chromosome. It'd be there. Therefore he's still male, despite the makeup, ruffles, and high heels. Such is the power of SEX.