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Posted by Henry on September 07, 2003

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: Hi,
: This time I see an interview in a book with Luis J. Rodriguez, a famous US poet. What I don't understand are some difficult phrases he used when he talks about his mentor, Chente. (Luis is previously a gang member and was helped to find his voice by Chente)
: 1.What is a "big picture"?
: 2.And what about "up to" in "up to the world"? = Be capable of?
: 3,What about "He really cared"?

: Q:After years of failing to connect with any of your school teachers,you met a Chicano community activist who made you eager to learn.What was different about Chente?
: A:Chente offered the big picture.He didn't moralize or tell us what to do.He came in opening our eyes,opening us to the world.He got me to want to read more,to understand things more.In many ways he did what the schools should have done and didn't do.He really cared.

: Thanks a lot!
: Sphinx ;)

1. The big picture means a broad rather than a narrow view. A global rather than a local view. It could refer to life in a national or international community, rather than a local neighbourhood.
2. Do you mean opened us up to the world? Opened us up is a phrase meaning that he opened our eyes or our minds to greater possibilities.
3. He really cared. He cared for us. He looked after us. As a parent would look after a child.