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Please don't erase prior posts

Posted by EAH on August 25, 2003

In Reply to: Please don't erase prior posts posted by GPP on August 24, 2003

: : : Read up on mid nineteenth century filibusters in the USA national senate.
: : : To prevent a vote on an issue, senators would engage in long rambling debates, which were reputed to go on for days. Apparently, the speaker could talk about anything, not just the merits/demerits of an issue. Reputedly, women Women galleries, notebooks in hand, as senators read aloud the recipe books of mothers and wives.
: : : (for derivation of the word filibuster see

: : : The husband's sense of humor is decidely off-color. It's not humorous. Especially his final comment, ignoring of the past 150 years of American history.

: : I've always taken the term "off-color" to mean with sexual content, a "dirty" joke. H is certainly being "sexist" here, but that's very different from "sexual" with an "off-color" or "dirty" flavor.

: BTW, EAH, PLEASE don't erase the original question and other responses when posting; it makes it VERY difficult to follow the complete thread.

My apologies, force of habit. Different house, different rules...I'll try to remember.

I debated about "off-color". "Off-center" might have been a better choice. My sleep-deprived mind was not making the proper connections to "sexist", the best choice.

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