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Today's Phrases.

Posted by ESC on August 24, 2003

In Reply to: Today's Phrases. posted by kathaab on August 24, 2003

: hi..Today's list..Thank you very much.

: 1.hash out some guidelines together

: 2.he has your best interests at heart.

: night stands

: 4.I feel like having it out with her

: can suggest a "make-over".

: 6.he had made himself a non-person.

: 7.quid-pro-quo

: 8.been whisked off to some place.

: 9."high-profile" detainees

: 10.someone is losing ground

: 11.scale back its efforts

: 12.The United States will be "bogged down" for many years in Iraq without making much progress

1. hash out some guidelines together. Work out some rules. Merriam-Webster dictionary: hash = to talk about : Review -- often used with over or out

2. he has your best interests at heart. He cares about what happens to you and will act accordingly.

3. one-night stands. A sexual encounter, usually between strangers, that doesn't develop into a relationship. One night and that's it. Its original meaning was a one-night engagement by a touring music or theatrical company. (From Brewer's.)

4. I feel like having it out with her. I want to confront her and resolve an issue or issues.

5. you can suggest a "make-over". Merriam-Webster dictionary: makeover -- Main Entry: make.over. Pronunciation: 'mA-"kO-v&r. Function: noun Date: 1927 : an act or instance of making over; especially : a changing of a person's appearance (as by the use of cosmetics or a different hairdo)

Makeover can also apply to other things like a room makeover, etc.

6. he had made himself a non-person. He made himself a person without influence. He "didn't count" anymore.

7.quid-pro-quo - quid pro quo = Latin for "something for something." From "Le Mot Juste: A Dictionary of Classical and Foreign Words and Phrases" (Vintage Books, New York, December 1991). Favor for favor. You do something for me, I'll do something for you.

8. been whisked off to some place. Quickly taken somewhere.

9. "high-profile" detainees. Detainee = person held in custody especially for political reasons. High-profile would mean the people would be the subject of attention as in the newspapers, TV and other media.
10. someone is losing ground. Not going anywhere, not making any progress.

11. scale back its efforts. Do less.

12. The United States will be "bogged down" for many years in Iraq without making much progress. Stuck. Bogged down as in the mud, not making progress. Merriam-Webster: Bog = transitive senses : to cause to sink into or as if into a bog : IMPEDE, MIRE -- usually used with down
intransitive senses : to become impeded or stuck -- usually used with down

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