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More than (typo corrected)

Posted by Tk on August 24, 2003

In Reply to: More than (typo corrected) posted by R. Berg on August 24, 2003

: : Hello. Let me ask you a question about more than.

: : I think in the following sentence the verb comes after "more than" need agreement with the subject.

: : 1. It shows that women have done more than be house wives.

: :
: : I would rather guess
: :
: : 1. It shows that women have done more than have been house wives.

: : is a correct one.
: : How do you think of this?

: The first sentence is correct and the second one isn't. Similarly, we say "The president did more than sign papers" and "When hotel maids clean a room, they will do more than make the beds."

Thank you for your very prompt answer.
I would like to ask the reason the verb coming after more than always takes original form.
Is it because your conscious focuses on the future, i.e. what you will do next?