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Posted by Janes_kid on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: Obliged/obligated posted by GPP on August 22, 2003

: : : Can anyone tell me the purpose of the word 'obligated'? It seems unnecessary. Is there anything 'obligated' can do that 'obliged' can't?

: : : This is just a personal dislike with no foundation except that I just don't like the word 'obligate'. However, the dictionary does provide a slight differentiation between the meaning of each word. But I found it difficult to understand the difference.

: : : I'd be obliged for any assistance.

: : Yes, well might you be, but none of us are obligated to offer you any. I would never use 'obliged' in that latter sense.

: I guess I would use 'obliged' to express appreciation as opposed to obligation.

Poor rural southern US frequently said "much obliged" meaning something like "would you please". Example; "I would be 'much obliged' if you could give me a ride into town." meaning "Would you please give me a ride into town?" I do not recall the word obliged not proceeded by the word much nor do I recall the expression used except as a colloquialism for a question --- but then it has been a long time.