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No score

Posted by Mysterious Maze on August 22, 2003

In Reply to: No score posted by Bruce Kahl on August 19, 2003

: : : : I dont know how to reply to the bed bugs thing...But it has nothing to do with actually bugs. I was down in florida at this tour at a placed called the Gamble Mansion, its a pretty famous mansion from civil war. Anwyays the guy explained it had something to do with how the beds used to be made...i cant exactly remember but I know it had nothing to do with Parasites as someone else said.

: : : Well that clears that up.

: : And we keep a clean sheet too.

: ...and dont let the bed bugs bite!

Houses used to have roofs made of thatched straw. When you started to go to bed you checked your sheets for any "bed bugs" that may have fallen from the "roof". Also beds had canopies, to keep them from falling on you while you slept. And if they did manage to get into your bed with you.... "don't let the bed bugs bite"... we hope for yoursake that they don't bite.