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Posted by Henry on August 21, 2003

In Reply to: Today's Phrases. posted by kathaab afandi on August 20, 2003

:'s today's list..thank you very much.
: 1.hurled him against the wall
In a fight, threw him against the wall
: 2.liked to hang out after school
Liked to spend time with friends
: 3.cordoned off all roads
Closed all roads with barriers
: 4.attempted to show a brave face.
Pretended that he was not afraid
: 5.shore up something
Support something, a wall or embankment
: 6.turned a corner toward lasting peace.
Passed a critical stage in progress toward peace
: 7.bowling over audiences
Gaining the enthusiastic support of audiences
: 8.plans to "try out" for the tennis team
Will attend a trial to try a win a place on the team
: 9.all the while
All the time
: 10.starting to "clamp down on" crime
Starting to take action to reduce crime
: 11.go after pimps who prey on teenage girls.
Searching for and arresting pimps, people who acquire girls for sex
: 12.set out to make them feel special.
Intend to make them feel special
: 13.police have stepped up stings
Police have increased the number of exercises to trap offenders
: 14.had her hair hacked off
Had her cut off roughly
: 15.her body scrawled over with marker pen
Her body had elementary writing done with a marker pen
: 16.tipped her over the edge.
Pushed her beyond her mental limits
: 17.self-destructive merry-go-round
An activity which everybody happily joins in with but which ultimately causes damage to them
: 18.In the long run
Ultimately, in the end
: 19.falling off the wagon on several occasions
After stopping drinking alcohol, restarting several times
: 20.a washed-up joke
An old joke that everybody has heard before